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“The path of salvation of the crisis of entire human race, including Bangladesh.”

Bismillahir Rahmaner Rahmin

“The path of salvation of the crisis of entire human race, including Bangladesh.”

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings and best wishes. You are surely aware that today the world is facing a terrifying situation with wars, bloodshed, violence, soaring prices, and the crisis of fire. Many fear that the Russia-Ukraine conflict could lead to a third world war. Meanwhile, despite the sacrifices of countless lives for the attainment of independence, Bangladesh is still grappling with instability. On one hand, there is intense competition and power struggle among political parties formed on various ideologies; on the other hand, different extremist groups exploit religion to incite violence, engage in lucrative religious businesses, and spread gossip and fanaticism. Peace-loving individuals desire a stable environment and peace, but they lack unity. Therefore, they are unable to reach a permanent solution to any crisis.


Whichever path humanity chooses, it will either lead them to unrest or to peace. This is something that the Creator (Surah Al-Mulk 67:14) knows well, as He has created humans to live in justice, righteousness, and peace. For this reason, throughout the ages, He has sent guidance and correct directions through the Prophets and Messengers. In line with this continuity, the Almighty Allah sent the final Messenger (peace be upon him) to the Arabian Peninsula, providing guidance and the true religion. The ultimate goal of this divine system (Deen) was to ensure that individuals and societies, from the smallest unit of a person to the entire nation, could live in justice, righteousness, and peace.

About 1400 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) successfully eradicated political, economic, social, and all kinds of crises in half the world through the life system given by Allah. In the era of ignorance, Arabian society had been plagued by tribal conflicts, usury, theft, oppression of women, slavery, immorality, drugs, gambling, and various forms of injustice. In such circumstances, Allah showed the way to the Prophet (peace be upon him) to alleviate human suffering and provide a path to salvation. That path is Islam, which means accepting Allah’s created way of life for humanity.

To achieve this, the first step was to unite people based on the principle of Tawhid, which is the affirmation that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger. With the call to Tawhid, the tribal chiefs and merchants of Arabia, who were the custodians of lineage and religious business, began to oppose Islam and spread propaganda against it. They subjected the new community to unspeakable persecution, but the united nation endured it as one body in their quest for human liberation and the establishment of Allah’s true religion.

Through their unwavering efforts, sacrifices, perseverance, struggle, and martyrdom, the Arabian Peninsula witnessed the establishment of the true religion of Allah. Their determined struggle laid the foundation for the liberation of humanity.


As a result of the establishment of the true religion by Allah, justice, righteousness, and peace were established throughout the entire Arabian Peninsula. Complete security was ensured for life and property, and no new legal cases arose after one month. The state employees were freed from corruption and bribery. Poverty was alleviated, alcohol consumption was prohibited, and people became the rightful owners of their thoughts. Through practices such as Salah (prayer), Zakat (charity), Hajj (pilgrimage), and fasting, the believers were trained in unity, discipline, obedience, spiritual purification, generosity, holiness, and self-control. In the first 23 years of prophethood, peace was established in the whole of Arabia, and in the subsequent 60-70 years, this unique peace spread to half the world. In just one century, the most ignorant, foolish, uneducated, disorganized, and disunited community on Earth became the teachers of all nations in education, knowledge, technology, military power, wealth, unity, discipline, and spiritual purity. At that time, no one had the courage to challenge the ummah of Muhammad. The two world powers, the Roman and Persian empires, were defeated and humbled before the newly formed Muslim nation. It was through the extraordinary victories of these powers that the golden age of Islam was established.


Unfortunately, the unfortunate history is that after the departure of Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W) and the generation formed under his guidance, a period began where distortions entered the faith of the community one by one. The goal with which Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) established the community, and the companions’ fought battles with that goal, was to establish peace throughout the world. However, later on, that goal was lost by the community.

The rulers of the community abandoned the ideals of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and the great caliphs and immersed themselves in worldly pleasures like other kings and emperors. The Muslim territories spread across half the world became divided into numerous states, engaging in power struggles and bloody wars against each other. Corrupt religious scholars and hypocritical intellectuals were born as a result of their indulgent activities. They engaged in intricate and unnecessary debates, excessive analysis, hair-splitting arguments, and internal conflicts, leading to the community being divided into hundreds of sects and factions. On the other hand, deviant Sufism infiltrated the community from the direction of Persia, making the community inward-looking and engrossed in conflicts. The dynamic and explosive community lost its momentum and became lifeless. The era of defeat began. Allah warned in the Quran with a cautious statement: ‘If you do not go out to fight in the cause of Allah, He will punish you with a painful punishment and will replace you with another people’ (Surah At-Tawbah 9:39).

When the invasions of Europe, the Christians, Mongols, and Tatars began, unity, cohesion, leadership, or courage remained nothing but remnants. The entire Muslim world was defeated by small Christian communities in Europe. They imposed their laws, regulations, systems, and educational systems on us. Even today, our entire life is governed by their created rules and systems, not the life system given by Allah.


When this subcontinent of ours became a British colony almost three centuries ago, they planned to settle the Muslim population permanently. They established the madrasa education system so that the nation could never be united in the ideals of Islam.

Calcutta Aliya Madrasa has taught the nation that distorted, retrograde Islam from the principalship of 27 Christian scholars one after the other with syllabus and curriculum prepared by Christian scholars for 146 years. In that syllabus, the essential matters of national life are neglected and the details of personal life, masla-masael, doa-kalam, formal religious rituals are given too much importance. Subjects that have led to differences and sectarian divisions have been included in the syllabus, so that the nation cannot be united in any way.
Finally, the class that came out of the Madrasah – those whom we respect as scholars Maulana, but they are engaged in the masla-masael of Ferqa Madhhab on various minor issues in the waj field, mosque One scholar belittles another scholar, gives fatwas to infidels, even abuses them, incites attacks on the followers of another ideology, shouts, incites pious Muslims, and bickers with each other about unnecessary and useless issues.

But their duty was to unite the nation on the basis of the Tawheed of Allah and establish the Deen-ul Islam given by Allah and to lead the nation according to the commandments of Allah:to turn Muslims into the best nation in terms of knowledge, science, and military power. But in reality, they are not doing that, on the contrary, they are using religion in various ways to earn their own interests, in a word, they are doing religion business.

Madrasa education system developed by the British did not impart any vocational or technical education to them for their livelihood. It was a British plot to turn them into a fearless, dependent population.

On the other hand, the educated class with ordinary secular education has fragmented into thousands of factions in blind imitation of the economic and political system of government of their former masters. They also attacked each other’s offices, ransacked them, attacked their opponents with vile language, beat them to death, destroyed the country’s wealth to take revenge on each other. They are the least moral from the Qur’an hadith as children of Muslims No education was given. In addition, the competition to earn money for a luxurious life has been indulged. They have become inhumane, unpatriotic, extremely corrupt. They do not hesitate to smuggle thousands of crores of rupees abroad and push the country towards famine.

In this situation, social disaster is being created, famine is approaching, political instability is increasing. Day by day social crime, insecurity will increase, foreign dependence and espionage will increase. Now if we sit idly by then we too will have to suffer the consequences of Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq.


If we want to survive the inevitable destruction, we must realize that we have deviated from the straightforward path shown by Allah, abandoning the true religion. Therefore, we need to establish our national life based on that Tawheed-centered true religion and way of life once again. Our Allah is one, our Prophet is one, our Book is one, and our Qibla is one. Hence, our nation should also be one, with one leader. Among us, there should be no room for sectarian conflicts and disputes. Just as the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) firmly established unity among the Ummah on the basis of the Kalima and Tawheed, we too must unite under the leadership of one leader, setting aside all divisions, to strive for the establishment of the religion.

For the past 28 years, we have been urging people to unite against the injustices committed against Tawheed. With this aim in mind, we have organized numerous awareness-building gatherings, seminars, rallies, and other events against terrorism, extremism, religious commercialism, corruption, gossip, hypocrisy, sectarianism, violence against women, drug abuse, and more. Additionally, we have made efforts to reach people through newspapers, books, documentary screenings, and online dissemination to spread awareness of the sovereignty of Allah and inspire individuals to discover the true purpose of their lives and participate in the struggle for the establishment of Allah’s true religion within the Ummah.

Through this call, we encourage you as well to seek the real objective of your life and become a part of the struggle for the establishment of Allah’s true religion as a member of the Ummah of Muhammad. Best wishes to you in this endeavor.

This call of ours is for those whose hearts will resonate with the call of Allah’s Tawheed, for those whose souls will yearn for guidance. It is for them that we seek communication.

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