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Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated all over the Muslim world

Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated all over the Muslim world, which is also known as Eid-ul-Azha. We have a saying in Bengali, real happiness is not in enjoyment but in sacrifice. The true joy of Eid al-Adha is therefore in sacrifice. What is the sacrifice? No, certainly not cow-goat sacrifice. The father of the Muslim world, Ibrahim (A.S.), was told by Allah to sacrifice his beloved things. That beloved object was his beloved son Ismail, the gift of his old age. Abraham’s (A.S.) self is not dearer than a child. He decided to sacrifice that child with his own hands. He passed the exam. Can the cow sacrificers today even imagine passing that test?

no Although the word Qorbani means sacrifice, it has been distorted with the evolution of time and has practically become enjoyment. Even if we borrow in the market at a low price, many of us buy cows and show our neighbors that we are wealthy. The entire world today is stained with Muslim blood. There are seven million Muslim refugees in the world. Muslims affected by famine, Muslims drowning in water and dying due to bombs. We have no intention, not even the slightest effort to change that situation. That’s why we are not ready to sacrifice our life and property. Eating the meat of sacrificed animals was prohibited for earlier ummahs. If it had happened for this nation, there would have been so many cow markets, it is doubtful if you would have seen pictures of cows if you opened Facebook. Today’s animal slaughter is actually for consumption. Here thousands of voices describe the glory of sacrifice but in reality it is not. We want the sacrifice to be a real sacrifice. That sacrifice will be the sacrifice of the believer’s life, the sacrifice of goods.

Regarding the believers, Allah has said in the Holy Qur’an, “The believers are brothers and sisters” (Surah Hujrat-10). First they will follow the religion given by Allah and bind themselves in the bond of brotherhood. They will be united like a cast-iron wall (Surah Saff-4). As they themselves will be in this unity, so will they build a united nation. They are the representatives of Allah, the Caliphs will prove it. Peace and happiness lie in unity. Therefore, as a result of their all-out efforts, eternal peace and happiness will be established in the entire world. We need to understand these things today. We Muslim claimants number 1.6 billion in the world today. Out of these 160 crores, 6.5 crores are only refugees. In the last two decades, at least twenty-five million people of this nation have died mercilessly from foreign aggression, from their bombs and bullets, poisoned by their chemical weapons. The western imperialists are occupying their countries by attacking their countrymen, driving them away and killing them. New battlefields are being ‘opened’ in Muslim countries. It is heartbreaking to see small, beautiful, innocent children die tragically. Seeing the loss of women’s dignity, the head bows in shame, the hands clench into fists in protest. The plight of the Muslims is not only the result of the invasion of foreign enemies. The Shia-Sunni fratricidal conflict that has been going on for hundreds of years is also responsible for this. Divided into thousands of Ferqas, Tariqas, Mahzabs, this nation today has become a scattered chaotic population. The wall of division between them is getting thicker day by day. Injustice, injustice, rape, conflict, murder, terrorism have spread like a virus in every society that now the whole nation is confused.

In this situation, it has become an urgent duty for all of us to make the nation happy, prosperous and peaceful again. We are united on the basis of Tawhid inspired by the inspiration of a great man, Hezbut Tawheed. He is Emamuyaman Mr. Mohammad Bayazid Khan Panni, a member of the traditional Panni family of Tangail, a son of this soil. As we know from history, the Messenger of God (PBUH) united the disorganized barbaric nation of Arabia on the basis of monotheism of God. We have attained the truth that with this great truth the fire of unrest can be extinguished from the life of all mankind, the world can be turned into a garden of peace. After gaining this truth, we can no longer sit idly like others. We could enjoy ourselves like others, watching entertainment programs and sports on TV. But we cannot, because conscience prevents us from being selfishly self-centered. Those who broaden their vision a little, look a little at their own society, look at its blood-bathed world, they will realize that this Muslim nation is not fit to celebrate Eid now. Indeed they are a despicable slave race. How can people find happiness in this life of slavery. They will see that today there is no Eid in refugee camps, no Eid for childless mothers, no Eid for orphaned Rohingya children, no Eid for raped women. For them this day is very faded. But we go to Hajj by spending millions of rupees and slaughtering animals. We have lost even the common sense needed to understand that these things are meaningless to God. This is why the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, the time will come when fasting will be fasting and Tahajjud will be losing sleep (Ibn Majah, Ahmad, Tabarani, Darimi, Meshkat).

We want real Eid to come back in the life of Muslim nation. On the day of Eid, may we not have to hear the cries of a weeping mother, may not the worn face of a child seeking relief make our hearts weary. May our Eid joy be full of indelible sweetness. This Eid will not come just like that, that’s why we have to cross many rivers of tears, blood and sweat, we have to free real Islam from the shackles of distorted Islam established by religious traders, we have to free mankind from Dajjal i.e. Judeo-Christian consumerist materialistic ‘civilization’. from prison We have embarked on that struggle. But there is a religious group standing in our way, because if people know the true teachings of Islam, their religion business will stop. They are misleading people in many ways. We have a humble request to the sixteen crore people of Bengal, you will know and understand what we are saying and what we want. Read our articles. If we say something unreasonable, you will know just by listening to us. You will understand the purpose of our efforts only after listening to our speech. You must admit that keeping a peaceful society is not possible only by applying law and applying force. Man has a soul as well as a body. People have to be inspired by a right and perfect ideal to awaken their conscience and consciousness so that they hate and resist wrongdoing, refrain from wrongful criminal activities by themselves. We have that exact and perfect ideal. That is what we are trying to convey to people in every possible way.

Our statement is very simple, our Creator Allah is one, our Messenger is one, our Kitab is one, our Deen is one, our Qiblah is one, our nation will also be one, the leader of that nation will also be one, their goals and objectives will be one and the same, our path will be one. , the decision on all matters will be one. As a result, our society will have justice, justice, security, in a word, peace. This is what Rasulullah did, but today there are thousands of ways, ways, and ways in this nation. They have no single leadership, they are ignorant of the goal of Ummah Mohammadi. There is not an inch of space in the world where God’s command is followed, on the contrary we are kicking all the nations, enslaving them and passing our lives. If you think about it, you can realize that the nation is not a believer in this situation. And the thousands of deeds that we are doing in the hope of Paradise in the Hereafter will not be able to take us to Paradise, unless we can save mankind from this unjust turmoil.

Finally, let us free ourselves from selfishness and devote our mortal lives to the path of God, to the welfare of humanity. People’s faith has been hijacked and diverted for hundreds of years, for self-interest. We are vocal against that injustice and don’t accept anyone’s orders except one God, we will be a united and vocal nation against all injustice – this is the pledge of today. Please pray for us that we may be believers, that we may not bow down to any kind of injustice. We can sacrifice our lives and resources for the welfare of humanity against all kinds of injustice including terrorism, militancy, religion, drugs, non-politicism, sectarianism, we can play a role in protecting the soil of our beloved motherland Bengal from the aggression of the imperialist superpower arms trading states. Let this be the real sacrifice, let every day of the year glow with the glory of self-sacrifice. Allahumma Amen.

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