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Reasons for repeated attacks, arson and brutal killings on Hezbut Tawheed in Sonaimuri


The ancestral home of Hossain Mohammad Salim, honorable leader of Hezbut Tawheed movement placed at Sonaimuri, Noakhali. He started preaching the true ideology of Islam, the Deen of Allah in that place after joining the movement. However, a self-interested and religion mongers group stood up as the main barrier in the way of that preaching. They started spreading propaganda among the mass that Hezbut Tawheed gets money from Christians, buries with black cloth, becomes a Christian with a seal on the thigh, and so on. The superstitious fanatics of the village got influenced by these lies. There, the house of honorable Emam of Hezbut Tawheed was repeatedly attacked, looted, and set on fire by creating religious insanity.

On March 14, 2016, a mosque, was under construction on the premises of the house of honorable Emam was attacked by spreading rumors that it was a church. Two members were slaughtered with sharp weapons. Houses were set on fire. 114 members were attempted to burn. Why this attack again and again? Which truth they are so desperate to hide?