The Lost Islam


The world today is rife with injustice, anarchy, warfare, bloodshed, killings, rape, unemployment, poverty – in one word, turmoil. The oppressed of the world cry Peace! Peace!! It has become unbearable to live in this world with oppression of the weak by the powerful, the deprivation of the poor by the rich, the injustice carried out on the ruled by the rulers, the victory of falsehood over truth and the deception of the innocent by the sly. Despite the fact that the entire of human race is the progeny of one couple, is one family, people have drawn lines and borders on the face of the earth according to their whims thereby giving rise to prolonged causes of enmity, division among humans and bloodshed. Showing total disregard for the way of life prescribed by the Creator, people have invented various different ways of life to govern themselves by. Little do they realize that for as long as they do not abandon the ways of life of their own making and espouse the system sent by the Creator, there is no way that these conflicts among races, warfare and bloodshed will cease. No matter how efficient law-enforcing agencies or how much efforts are made to restore peace, all will be in vain.